Semalt Expert: How To Make Use Of B2B Email Marketing

More than seventy percent of the marketers and businesses use email newsletters as part of their content marketing strategies, coming in behind only blog posts and social media regarding their usage. In the meantime, email marketing is the best option and is considered the most reliable channel when it comes to distributing content among the B2B marketers.

Estimates reveal that more than ninety percent of the B2B marketers give preference to this marketing tactic and sixty-five percent of them utilize dedicated email platforms to get their works done. It's safe to say that B2B email marketing has gained tremendous popularity because it ensures return on investments. More than ninety percent of Americans and Europeans use emails on a daily basis. More importantly, it has been revealed that emails can prompt purchases at the double the rate of social networking sites, with seventy percent high value.

Oliver King, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, explains here a guide to getting benefits from email marketing.

Best of all

When it comes to talking about marketers, the first thing that strikes our minds is the door-to-door salespersons. They are lucky because they get plenty of chances to earn a living, while the email marketing involves sending lots of emails with no guarantee of generating revenues. Inbound marketing is considered as a way of creating storefronts in cyberspace. The content of your site will decide how many customers will be attracted to it.

It's true that emails bridge the gap. Those who depend on content marketing should remember that they might not get the desired results. If you believe that your clients will search the terms you have optimized and will reach your website or social media platforms, you are doing a major mistake. In contrast, email marketing can get you plenty of customers, ensuring that your voice is always heard on the internet. With email marketing, you can easily put yourself in front of a large number of customers and can send your message right in their inboxes. How they react to those messages depends on how you have presented your products or services to them. Let me here tell you that it's not outbound marketing.

The prospects might ignore you so make sure your email is different from the other similar emails and try to engage the customers. This is the only way they will not delete it without checking the product details.

In short, B2B email marketing lets you reach out to lots of people directly and reduces your stress to a great extent. Some of the people, however, might find your emails frustrating and annoying and might choose to block your IDs but you should let them make their decisions.

B2B best practices

A useful B2B email follows the same methods as the business-to-consumer counterparts:

1. Intriguing subject lines for creating a sense of familiarity and urgency that develop a sense of urgency.

2. Direct texts that don't waste or meander the time of the recipients.

3. Videos and custom imagery for breaking up the messages appealingly and fantastically.

4. Layouts that make your emails easy to read and highlight the crucial points.

In short, businesses have to build trust to attract a large number of people, making sure that your customers are happy and satisfied with your products and services. You should make sure that the content marketing strategy backs up the messages in your B2B emails.