Tips To Get Job That You Want

A few key words to remember:

Radiate enthusiasm

Link your qualifications and experience with the requirements of the prospective job. Make it clear why you are the right person for the job.

Never speak poorly about your current boss.

Stress your ability to work with others.

Keep your answers work related and give examples that illustrate how you have grown on the job in quantifiable ways.

Speak of your accomplishments with modesty and discuss your career dispassionately and objectively.

If asked an inappropriate question, sidestep it with a gracious response.

Ask closing questions, and as the interview ends, repeat the eye contact, smile and handshake.

The correct answers are included under each question.

1. Why do you want to leave your current job?

I was originally interested in a position very much like this one, but I did not know when an ideal job would be available, so I started work at another, smaller company that had many of the opportunities I was looking for. I’ve spent the last two years getting up to speed on the industry and now feel confident that I have the skills and experience to work for you.

2. This job involves some foreign travel and experience. So tell me, how did you come to speak Mandarin?