How To Avoid Being Marked As Spam – Semalt Tips

If you don't use the internet, the chances are that spam filters will flag your emails. Igor Gamanenko, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, states that one of the major reasons why it's tough to prevent emails from going to spam is that the spam is more rigorous than your inbox. Almost all ISPs use multiple spam filtering techniques, and some of them utilize creative and unpredictable ways to combat spam. Here are the tips to improve your email delivery within a few minutes.

Focus on good and engaging content

Focusing on high-quality and informative content is important. If the content is valuable to your contacts, they will definitely love to read your emails on a regular basis. Make sure you send them quality stuff to read, and it stays fresh, interesting and topical for maximum exposure. If you repeatedly sent promotional and useless stuff to your contacts, they might block your email ID, and you will have to face deliverability declines.

Remove all inactive contacts

If your email communication is unwanted, your major ISP will deliver it. And if you send emails to various inactive contacts who don't even bother to read your text, it's better to remove those inactive connections as soon as possible. You should routinely cleanse the subscribers from the list and divide them into segments as per your requirement. Various engagement management tools are available to make your work easier. You should send emails to the contacts who have had been active in the past six months and make sure you add new subscribers to your email list on a regular basis.

Review the signup process and think of the subscribers

You should always review your signup procedure and try to put yourself in your subscribers' shoes. If you send them content they had never expected, the subscribers will not read it and may mark it as spam. That's why you should use professional or friendly language in your content and give it an engaging and useful look. There is no need to change your template and logo over and over again because this could confuse your recipients and they might file spam complaints against your company.

Avoid sending graphics and images to emails

Sending graphics and images in the emails can irritate your subscribers especially when the pictures are large sized. If you want to send some photos, you should design your own pictures or write the email text in the form of graphics, giving it an appealing and attractive look. On the other side, you are better to send plain text emails to your subscribers.

Send targeted, personalized and triggered emails and blast the campaigns

If you want to generate leads, you should send targeted and personalized emails to your subscribers. Most often, this trend is identified as spam, but if your content is useful and engaging no recipient will mark you as spam. At the basic level, you should send welcome messages to all your subscribers and keep sending them promotional emails once in a week to keep their attention intact season after season.

Final thoughts

Your primary focus should be made on a list of active contacts. You can send them promotional emails, but the text should not be meaningless or odd. If you focus on quality, the chances are that your contacts will turn into happy customers.

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