Guide To Choosing Your Job

The topic ‘how to select a right company for your career growth’ itself reminds me of a story. The story of an employer who eagerly wanted to hire an individual who was interested to work with them.

When the employer of a reputed IT web development company called him, he politely replied “Sorry, but I’m not interested. It was certainly the most essential and a big step from his current role, and he had all the right skills and qualifications.

The recruiter continued to convince him until he said something that really confused him. The candidate replied that he “already made it to the top”.

The employer was quite acquainted with his current company and looked at his resume again.

The employer wondered, he (the candidate) is not somewhere on the top. He would have needed a telescope to see the top. While at the same time, he was just a mere a pathfinder, not a manager.

To the perplexed recruiter, he explained that “making it to the top” for him meant he loved the exact work he did each day, he loved his company, he was treated fairly

How To Get Great Impression On First Day Work

Landing a dream job is not so easy. You had struggled a lot to find the dream job. You had faced many rejections from the interviewers. Finally, you had cracked the interview at your dream organization. So, what are your plans for this precious day? We know that most of you are figuring out what to wear and how to impress boss and colleagues. Right? You are aware that first impression is crucial to stand out on first day at work. Now what next?

Are you ready for your new job? You are excited for this day. Perhaps, you will be stressful and somewhat nervous. It may be scary just like first day of school or college. But do you know that it is normal to feel tensed and excited.

We bring to you fifteen tips that will help you to prove your skills at work and make yourself productive on day one.

Keep Your Documents Ready

Your first day may spend in completing all the formalities – filling up forms, induction, submitting documents, etc. So, it would be better from the human resources department to ask all

Why Taking Vacation Is Important

Summer has arrived and with it, our most popular vacation season. Nevertheless, a surprisingly large number of American workers, whether full-time employees who receive benefits, business owners, or other self-employed professionals, will not take time off to relax and get away this year, in summer or any other season.

There are many of us who apparently feel that stepping away from work responsibilities now and again signals a lack of discipline or commitment to our jobs. Many of us brag about the number of hours we work each day and more is always better. Could it be the legacy of the Puritan work ethic?

Furthermore, U.S. companies on the whole are stingy about granting paid time off, as compared to their counterparts in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Latin America. Even in Great Britain, birthplace of the hard-working, pleasure-avoiding Puritans, employers large and small traditionally grant to their full-time employees three paid holidays at Christmas, while U.S. companies typically grant only one paid holiday.

Easter is the most important holiday on the Christian calendar, but in predominantly Christian America, there is no paid holiday for Easter. In

Tips To Get Your Job Opportunity

As a manager, I’m always on the look-out for the performance of my team and also the opportunity to add someone new that might take our companies and brands to a higher level. I happen to be one of those executives that are never satisfied and is always striving to achieve higher results.

All of this means that I have the opportunity regularly to meet new people who could potentially join my team. At any given time, I could be in the process of interviewing anyone who could enter into my team as a junior member and even seasoned professional. Recently, I’ve been hiring experienced professionals, and they’re doing an excellent job. A lot of the reason this is happening is because I’m always on the look-out for qualities that go beyond their resume and work experience.

If you’re thinking about your next job opportunity, you should be aware of the qualities that managers are looking for when they hire.


It doesn’t matter if someone who just got out of high school or has been in the business world for decades; it’s essential to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else? I’ve seen people whom I’ve interviewed,

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Tips To Get Career Coach

Trying to search for the right career coach but feel overwhelmed with the proliferation of coaches in the market? How to identify a good coach who has a real-world experience? Worry not, check out these amazing tips to follow when choosing the right coach for you-

  1. Credentials

If the career coach holds a certification with a leading global organisation that provides formal training and adhere to general standards of professionalism, be sure you have got the right catch.

  1. Work experience

In order to help someone in achieving work-related goals, A great coach must himself have a real-world work experience. It has been observed that are plenty of career coaches who excel in life coaching but have few practical suggestions. If a person has not been through different working conditions, how can he help you?

  1. Authenticity of references

If the coach is willing to provide references from his past clients, nothing can beat the authenticity. Go by the references offered to you by your friend, relative or any acquaintance. One of the best ways is to look at the ratings and reviews on social media.

  1. Credibility

Choose a coach who is renowned and recognized for his success stories and achievements. Is he visible in the industry?

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Tips To Get Suitable Job

Finding a suitable job after a break may be challenging. Most employers would not consider your work experience prior to the career break and consider you as an entry level once again. But don’t lose heart, you still have a chance to land your dream job after a break. Here are some tips on how to find a suitable job after a career break.

Assurance. You have to assure your employer that you will be staying with them to work and not go on a break once again. Employers need assurance that they can rely on you to do the task, complete it and not abandon it. This means that you have to explain clearly during the interview the reason why you had a break. A well-explained rational reason is acceptable and takes away the doubt from the employer’s mind.

Knowledge and Skills. You have to be able to show that you still have the knowledge and skills that you have prior the career break and even better after the career break. You should be able to improve your knowledge and skills even during the break. This means that even though you are not working on your career, you are still learning

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Tips To Survive After Firing

If you’re working a job these days, it’s pretty likely for one reason or another that you’ll face either getting fired or being laid off. In days gone by, you could rely on being employed with a company for as long as you wanted to work there. Not so much nowadays; you’re doing well to be with an employer a minimum of a year or a little more. Well, how should you handle being fired or laid off besides the inevitable emotional reaction? Next time you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, try the following 3 tips to make your transition to the next phase in your life smooth and positive:

1. Don’t Burn Bridges
Although you work a job and have a boss, you’re ultimately in the ‘people’ business. Here’s the focus: don’t just concentrate on doing your job everyday and staying only to yourself. Get to know your co-workers (including your supervisor and / or boss) within your department and in other areas of the company. Relate to them as people that have lives outside of work. In other words, be a friend.

BE NICE… ALWAYS… NO MATTER WHAT! Here’s the best advice I’ve ever received when dealing with others

Tips To Increase Sales Profit

Prepare your start strategy

1. The first impression is key.
You will never have a second chance to make a good first impression. Therefore, from the beginning focus on satisfying the customer’s wishes and do not concentrate only on submitting an offer. If your start is weak, the end will be the same. Take advantage of the first meeting so that your consumers are convinced – through a good deal – that you are their best option and, of course, that they are also important to you. Otherwise, later you will have to work hard to change a bad first impression.

2. Draw a plan to win customers.
Planning the actions you will perform will give you great advantages to offer a service of excellence. Create a general plan before dealing with new customers and a special one for your main accounts. Profile each of your prospects based on general data and specific needs you observe. The purpose is to develop specific actions aimed at filling these gaps. Remember that the plan is only a starting point that must be adapted according to the case, because each client is different.

3. Listen first and anticipate.
Once you’ve charted a plan, the second step

Signs of Perfect Time To Look The Job

Experts Agree: When You Already Have One. Most of us don’t look for a new job until we lose the one we have. We get the bad news, we panic a little (sometimes a lot) and we run off to polish our resumes, brush up our LinkedIn profiles and start looking at job advertisements. That makes sense, of course: nobody likes looking for work, so why would we do it when we don’t have to?

Sometimes what seems to make sense really doesn’t, and this is one of those times. Employment specialists stress that the best time to look for a new job is while you are working. If that sounds illogical, listen to some of the reasons behind the conclusion.

First, recruiters and managers prefer to hire candidates that already have jobs. There are many reasons for this, but in the HR profession, it’s almost universally agreed to be true. Liz Ryan, writing in Forbes, states: “employers prefer to hire currently-employed job applicants over applicants who aren’t working.” Executive Recruiter Harry Urschel, writing in Job Hunt, agrees: “it’s easier to get a new job while you’re in a job, rather than when you’re unemployed.” Peter Harris at Workopolis chimes in: “you’ll

Benefit Studying Informatics Technology

Information Technology is one of the most sought-after industries in the present scenario. Pursuing courses with specialization in IT is all the rage since the field offers a host of opportunities to the skilled candidates. Management is another discipline that is immensely popular in the business schools. The course imparts technical skills related to IT with the know-how of the managerial sphere. Here are top five reasons to study this course:

1. Variety in the career choice

IT management takes your career in a number of different directions. You can become a computer network architect, a database administrator and many more. This course allows you to take your career in different directions and become successful. There are several success stories about people who had chosen this field and now holding managerial positions in top organizations. Hence, it is a great career option.

2. It is a practical course where you can perceive what you are studying

IT management course is an amalgamation of theoretical and practical study. The candidates are taught via case-studies and practical, so the students can understand the applicability of the concepts through real-life examples. The things you learn while perceiving are learned quicker and remain in the mind for a

Tips For Interim Consultant

In my experience very few people get treated any differently day-to-day in interim roles than “permanent” employees… the fact that you’re an interim won’t be a big issue but the expectations of you as an interim can sometimes be higher.

You might be expected to be an expert on more things, and you’ll probably be expected to have a measurable impact – perhaps more quickly than a new full time employee would be.

You could also get more latitude to challenge the orthodoxy, not be expected to navigate the company politics so carefully, and have your change agenda considered more dispassionately.

So how do you make sure you’re successful in your first interim consultant role?

The first (and maybe obvious) point is to choose the right role.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by taking an interim role with a team size, company culture or business model you’re not absolutely confident you can add real value to.

Ultimately what you “sell” is your reputation and track record – don’t be tempted to risk it by taking on a role you’re not 100{c5b35dafdfbf8f37ea89a8e4b1ce4ba533309cdeccf6af5270a9dda6c7da91e9} right for.

Once you have found the right role, and before you start, make sure you are very clear about the brief. Make sure you

The Value of Integrity

Early in the career of a young man, the dream job of traveling the world and learning about a high-tech industry happened. The imagined opportunities to experience different cultures, stay at the finest hotels, eat exquisite cuisine, and get paid to do it became a reality! An added benefit was that the three other men in this field engineer group were all older and experienced and willing to train and guide this young man. Does it get any better than this?

The new trainee accompanied each of these men on at least two trips and soon realized most international travel was not fun for them. Guess who happily volunteered for all the overseas trips? The technical and administrative parts of the job were just a matter of textbook learning, but other “gray” areas arose that employees had to determine for themselves.

One of those gray areas was expenses. Maximum amounts for meal costs were predetermined for each day and did not require receipts. All three men gave the same instructions on what was to be recorded as the daily per diem for meals – overcharge to get some extra cash.

The new guy in the group was uncomfortable with lying about the cost,

Guide To work In Real Estate

The majority of people don’t even look at learning how to put money into this business until later in life when they have a thriving career and a good deal of additional income at their disposal. You are able to begin investing while having the budget to raise the value of the investment property at a better return on investment. You might believe that the only point to put money into this business is to turn into a landlord or flip houses, or at least I did. With careful planning and a good investing strategy, it can create consistent income and give capital appreciation over the long run. If you’ve looked at it as a possible means to diversify your portfolio lately, you most likely have a range of reasons to avoid. it is quite a lucrative asset classes and ought to be a part of every well-diversified investment portfolio. Crowd funded real estate is quite similar to other campaigns in the meaning that individuals can contribute a few dollars to assist a person reach a financial aim.

If you wish to learn to put money into this business, you have to do plenty of research. Actually, you can believe that

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Disadvantage Too Much Work For You

Too much work involvement or workaholism is associated with employee’s excessive time spent on working. In other words, it suggests an awfully high drive to work even without enjoyment. Since workaholics tend to place their work before anything in their lives, they usually have a poor work-life balance and low life-satisfaction.

Employees with long hours spent on working don’t necessarily mean workaholics. They solely have a very high work ethic. A compulsive is solely someone who resolves their entire life around work even if don’t seem to be operating. They usually don’t relish activities outside work. They just work and work and work!

Being a compulsive worker is associated with addiction, such as all alternative varieties of addictions. Workaholism has a psychological impact to those who compelled to work that’s damaging to themselves.

Workaholism and job involvement, at times, seem to own overlapping characteristics, like controlled by personal characteristics, absorption of labor, and square measure outlined by personal desires.

Work engagement mediates the relationships between perceived structure support and job satisfaction and perceived stress. Perceived structure support has a conjointly immediate positive impact on job satisfaction and a negative impact on perceived stress and sleep issues. What is more, work engagement mediates the

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Tips To Get Job After College

After a crazy graduation celebration, throwing the graduation caps into the air, you and your friends were gathering, drinking and saying goodbye to rushing assignments, exams and the lovely diet with cereal and baked beans. Seems like your future is so bright and shiny after graduation. However, for the ones having a clear plan, it’s true, but for the rest of you, it’s might not that easy. First of all, you should seriously ask yourself three “simple” questions:

1. Who do you want to be?

2. What kinds of work do you want to do?

3. Which type of lifestyle do you want to have?

The words are easy to understand, but lots of people can ‘t tell the answers because the answers will bring out the choices, which will further impact your following life. In fact, there are various options to take after university and everyone has their own journeys, so all of you will be different. You can go to a postgraduate school, find a graduate job, start your own business or even travel around the world. Whichever you choose means that you should take the full advantages of any free time to make your plans and take real actions.

1. Get a

Tips To Taking Your Career After Got MBA

So, you graduated with your MBA and have no full-time job waiting for you?

Before we dive right in, let me just congratulate you on earning your MBA degree. I know that it took a large effort on your part, possibly a sacrifice on many levels, and was also stressful, fun, exhausting, and fulfilling. Well done!

Graduation itself was probably a mix of happiness, relief, and even a little sadness because you were saying goodbye to some good friends.

Maybe there was also something else. You knew that many of your classmates had full-time job offers waiting for them in a few weeks or months, while you had/have nothing lined up.

This article is for you.

I am reaching out to you because I was you six years ago. I graduated from Kenan-Flagler Business School (UNC) with an MBA in marketing and had no job waiting for me after graduation. I was a career switcher (Wall St. to Marketing) and despite many parallels between the two career paths, many recruiters and companies were not seeing the connection and instead were only seeing limited marketing experience on my résumé.

Any of this sound familiar?

Also, I know the income is needed. You have expenses, possibly including new student

Why You Did Not Get The Job You Want

If you’ve applied to a job in the past few years, you may have noticed the requirements have become – let’s say – a little stricter. Along with the educational requirements, years of experience, solid work history and background check – many places are requiring an assessment test. You’ve seen them, the ones that seemingly asks the same question 50 different ways.

They make it convenient as most are taken online. I’ve taken my fair share of these tests and answered honestly. I didn’t realize what was being assessed until a potential employer told informed me, of how it worked.

Just a little background, I applied to this job as an IT recruiter. I met all the listed requirements, education, work history – background etc. I went online and took the assessment test as required. The test was about 80 questions – and like I said it seemed like it was asking me the same questions repeatedly.

A few days later a received a call from the company and we scheduled an interview. It was a small firm, and the guy who called was the owner. I went in for the interview. The interview went well, he told me his story about being

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Why Organizational Culture Is Important

A huge a part of our lives is spent at work. Basically, it’s vital to possess an honest operating setting. The results of a positive organizational culture is way further-reaching than most of the people notice.

It is a usually far-famed proven fact that if one person is feeling down, they create everybody else down with them. Negativity is contagious, and it will have a prejudicial impact on the geographical point. Not solely will a negative setting cause workers to be sad with their jobs, however it makes them less productive. Plus, if they have different things on their minds, they are prone to creating mistakes.

Not solely will a poor work setting bog down productivity, however it will cause workers to contemplate resigning and moving on to a brand new job. Once again, this can cause current and former workers to unfold negative remarks regarding the business — that is especially damaging if you’re little to medium-sized business.

Aside from the impact on the business, a nasty operating atmosphere will have a major impact on individual workers. In reality, poor operating conditions will cause semi-permanent health issues as well as stress, depression and anxiety.

However, an honest work setting will have heaps

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Ways To Make Commitment At Work

Commitment is advanced and a multi-faceted construct, and might take totally different forms. Work commitment has been outlined because of the relative importance between work and one’s self. People will feel committed to a company, prime management, supervisors, or a specific work group.

Work commitment affects all organizations at some level and permits corporations to judge problems like turnover throughout times of varied economic stability. All of those attitudes act to form the abstract framework of every individual’s work commitment. the subsequent data analyzes these attitudes likewise as alternative structure ideas, research, and globe applications.

The success or failure of a corporation is closely associated with the hassle and motivation of its staff. The motivation of staff is commonly the merchandise of their commitment towards their job or career. Work commitment is an especially vital topic for organizations to know. the amount to that associate worker engages in his or her work (job involvement), commits to and believes within the organization’s goals and purpose (organizational commitment), needs to figure (work ethic), and commits to a selected career or profession will all have a sway on a corporation.

In today’s economy, wherever organizations are expected to try and do additional with less resources

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How To Be Satisfied In Your Work

With social media today, especially through websites like LinkedIn, you get a glimpse of the various backgrounds and careers of many contacts that you made during your working life. With their backgrounds and timelines featured on these sites, you note that some have worked in a single place all their lives, while others have changed companies every 2 to 3 years. One has to ask in reviewing their background, why did they leave their previous position? What was about the job that seem like a good opportunity, that made you move on?

First let us look at three factors that determine satisfaction with your work situation, the company, your boss, and your personal goals.

With the company, the first thing that comes to mind is its name and reputation. Is it respected in the industry that it is in? Google and Apple are the big names in tech. Merck and Pfizer are the big names in pharmaceuticals. Mercedes and Volvo are respected names in Auto. Allstate and GEICO are the most prevalent names in insurance. So what makes for a good company beyond its name? Factors to be considered: clear mission statement, strong corporate governance and ethics, solid performer in the industry,

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